Mini party


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Dear AP Psychology;

Image by lauren-janelle via Flickr

I think I may be employed again today…I say ‘maybe’ because I’m still in shock or something. Did I really get the call?

I checked my phone messages.

I have a job offer.

Really. A real job offer.

I can’t tell you how excited I am! I haven’t had a job in over two years. Due to an unfortunate twist of circumstance. And a bad economy. And no lucky breaks. But maybe my fortune has changed. It might not be long term (think school year time frame). But it’s a start.

And it will be enough to help me reach another goal. To continue working on my master’s degree. And ease up on the budget.

Yep, today is a good day. Thank you God.

Time to celebrate! But first I need to register for class… ūüėÄ


Love, angst and strong coffee


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Marriage License

Image by TrevinC via Flickr

Where did we get the idea that relationships are easy?

Couples fight.

There, I said it.

I got a call this morning (from someone near and dear) lamenting the latest relationship issue with the current squeeze. {sigh} ¬†Who am I to give love advice? ¬†I’ve been married 34 years, but I still don’t have a clue about the secret – with maybe one exception – like many things in life worth having,¬†hard work and persistence pays off.

The English poet John Wilmot quipped “before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children and no theories” (after raising 4, can I say – how true!). ¬†I believe relationships follow a similar path.

Before we’re in a relationship, we have romantic notions of how our love will be perfect. Then reality sets in…and everyone has theories about how to make it work….and you try to make your relationship fit some formula….and….

…in the end,¬†just like raising children, you do what you have to do to make it work, based on your own,¬†unique, situation…

But, inevitably, you have to do the work to make it work.  And fight. And compromise. And pick your battles. And see the good in the other. And strong coffee.

And that, my friends, is my secret to 34 years of wedded bliss.

How ’bout sharing your secret with me?

Athleticism at any age


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My precious grandson…at IKEA.¬† The boy loves him some chocolate cake….

He just had his tonsils removed last Wednesday…doing fairly well…mom says he’s been a trooper.

Little man had a rough start in life.¬† You wouldn’t know it to look at him now!¬† I’ll leave the backstory for another day….

I had a deja vu moment today.

I was perusing the news this morning and stumbled on an article about a Diana Nyad, who is swimming from Cuba to Florida.¬† Before I opened the article, I thought ‘ hmm, that name sounds familiar’.¬† I remembered the name Nyad and wondered if it was any relation to the young pro swimmer from back in the day.

I opened the news piece…low and behold, it was THE Diana Nyad, now 61, in her second attempt to cross the Florida Straits, sans the shark cage and with no wetsuit!¬† Wow!¬† Talk about a blast from the past!

I’ll definitely be following her progress for the next day or two.¬† It’s an epic 60 hour swim and she’s not quite 24 hours into it.¬† She’s been training 2 years for this goal and not looking too shabby for 60+.¬† I wish her all the luck and hope she makes it happen.¬† Track her progress here.

Birthday Wishes


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I had a moment of nostalgia today. I found out that one of the classiest writing tools, the IBM Selectric typewriter,¬†turns 50 this month. Well… it was classy back in the day, at least.

The US Postal Service is even issuing a commemorative stamp in honor of the occasion.

I remember the first time I typed on a Selectric.  Boy did my fingers fly! It was sheer heaven after using a clunky manual typewriter. The innovative design eliminated jammed keys and the unique type head could be swapped for a change in fonts.  That leaping ball was quite a spectacular invention! Later models added correction ribbons and word processing capabilities.  Super sweet features for those of us stuck in the typing pool.

Another fun fact – the Selectric played a role in early computer design. Engineers rigged the typewriters to function as the first generation of computer keyboards. Who knew?

Happy birthday, Selectric!

Art of the Blog


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Tired of hearing about the debt limit plan? You’ve come to right place! Can we get some good news already?

On to a separate (but equally fascinating) topic, I’m a novice to the actual ownership of a blog. Well that’s not totally true…I did have a blog one college term. Technically, it was a portfolio for a french class…if you happen to check it out, can you translate for me, please?

Anyway, I digress.

While I’m new to the work of blogging, I spend many hours (too many) cruising the web, stumbling on new and exciting blogs and websites, drilling down links upon layers of links. Even breadcrumbs don’t help me find my way back at times.

Oh, the fun I’ve had! It’s an addiction, I say. *grins*

One thing I’ve noticed, especially the past few years, is how cleverly many sites are designed. For some sites, the creative design and artwork alone are enough to warrant poking around, even if the topic isn’t my cup of tea. And if it happens to be a topic near and dear, it enhances my visit, leaving me feeling uplifted by the beauty as well as the content.

And blogs with photographs, oh my! Some of the pictures are so remarkable. Photography skills that I absolutely envy! I need to eat the food and kiss the babies.

Here are a couple of my current favs – The Pioneer Woman, The Lettered Cottage and She Wears Many Hats. Have a look, they are inviting enough to hang around awhile.

Do you have any favorite sites you’d like to share?¬† Tell me, I’d love to have a look.

Sky Art


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Cumulus humilis clouds in the foreground and c...

Image via Wikipedia

Remember when we were kids and cloud watching was a fun past time? ¬†I was reminded of that sweet game of perception by a friend of mine during a recent trip. ¬†We were driving along, catching up on old times, and every now and then she punctuated her comments with “there’s a dinosaur” or “there’s a mouse”! ¬†I laughed as I played along.

Since our trip I’ve been thinking a lot about this lost art and wondering if this kind of fun could translate into a useful adult exercise. ¬†As children we could “see” all sorts of things in cloud shapes, some really amazing and some pretty funny. ¬†Could I infuse some fun and rest in my day just watching the clouds pass by? ¬†When I pondered the skills that might be put to use in cloud watching, a couple of things come to mind. ¬†For one, it takes some imagination to name cloud shapes; a skill that translates to creativity and invention, helping the mind formulate new ideas. Also, studying clouds can be a relaxing task similar to meditation, helping to balance and refresh the mind and soul.

I’ve been looking for a fresh way to stir creativity in my life.¬† I think I may have found just the thing! ¬†How about trying some cloud watching today?

Yummy Goodness!


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Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries

Image by capn madd matt via Flickr

Mmm mmm good! ¬†Have you ever eaten a Ranier cherry? ¬†‘Tis the season!¬†They are so delicious, sweeter than Bing cherries and have a perfect ‘bite’. ¬†Fresh fruit is such a gamble usually, either under or over ripe. ¬†But this cherry never disappoints and so worth the price!

Try some today…great right out of the box. I’ve never actually tried a recipe with them, they usually don’t make it home from the store!

If you get your hands on some, let me know what you think….



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Hi friends! Welcome to my space…a virtual ‘water cooler’, if you will.¬† Pull up a chair, grab a favorite beverage and join the conversation.

Ships that pass in the night and speak each other in passing;
Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness;
So on the ocean of life we pass and speak one another,
Only a look and a voice; then darkness again and a silence.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow