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As the country song says, “Life’s a dance, you learn as you go.” (John Michael Montgomery)

Life is for learning. Life itself is the classroom.  Education doesn’t stop when we leave the classroom behind.  In fact, in many ways the learning is just beginning.

Now that school is back in session, I thought it would be timely to chat a bit about lifelong learning.  When you think of school, do you think of desks and tests, papers and pens, books and homework?

How about that education (in life) you’ve received SINCE leaving school?  It counts for something, doesn’t it? *grins*  And honestly, hasn’t this ‘on the job’ training been just as valuable (if not more) than anything you learned in the classroom??

Over the years, I’ve discovered many excellent articles written by personal and career development leaders and education authorities.  One such list that really captured my attention was written by Canadian educator, Stephen Downes, whose list of what needs to be learned to be successful can be beneficial for anyone at any age to pursue. (Yes, this includes any young readers that might stumble upon my humble blog!)

I would like to discuss Stephen’s list in a series of posts and I’m hoping these ideas will spark an interest in you (and me) to become the best us we can be!  Stay tuned for the first post in the series:  predicting consequences.

And I’m hoping to start up some dialogue, too…so show me some comment love!

How are you expanding your mind today?

Resource:  Downes, S. “Things You Really Need To Learn.” Half An Hour.