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I’m having trouble concentrating enough to get a post written.  I’ve stumbled on too much good stuff on the web today!

One of the more interesting stories is about David Kish, (Michael Finkel, Men’s Journal). Blinded by retinoblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer, he uses echolocation to ‘see’ his surroundings.

Using a tongue clicking technique, he forms a picture of his surroundings that allows him to move about as well as a sighted person. Amazingly independent, David bikes, swims, cooks, dances and travels the world.  An incredible story that you don’t want to miss!

I’m about half way through reading The Help. I read a review about the movie from my friend over at Quiet Life – head over there if you’re interested in finding out Donna’s take on it (no spoilers!)

Typically I find the book better than the movie, and this movie is no different apparently, but she gives it a thumbs up for viewing.

I enjoy reading Mental multivitamin’s blog, her posts are well written and great food for thought. Over the weekend she had a completely fun post – two of my favorite commercials (besides the E-trade baby).  Check them out for a chuckle or two.

How was your Monday?  Leave me some comment love!