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My precious grandson…at IKEA.  The boy loves him some chocolate cake….

He just had his tonsils removed last Wednesday…doing fairly well…mom says he’s been a trooper.

Little man had a rough start in life.  You wouldn’t know it to look at him now!  I’ll leave the backstory for another day….

I had a deja vu moment today.

I was perusing the news this morning and stumbled on an article about a Diana Nyad, who is swimming from Cuba to Florida.  Before I opened the article, I thought ‘ hmm, that name sounds familiar’.  I remembered the name Nyad and wondered if it was any relation to the young pro swimmer from back in the day.

I opened the news piece…low and behold, it was THE Diana Nyad, now 61, in her second attempt to cross the Florida Straits, sans the shark cage and with no wetsuit!  Wow!  Talk about a blast from the past!

I’ll definitely be following her progress for the next day or two.  It’s an epic 60 hour swim and she’s not quite 24 hours into it.  She’s been training 2 years for this goal and not looking too shabby for 60+.  I wish her all the luck and hope she makes it happen.  Track her progress here.