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Tired of hearing about the debt limit plan? You’ve come to right place! Can we get some good news already?

On to a separate (but equally fascinating) topic, I’m a novice to the actual ownership of a blog. Well that’s not totally true…I did have a blog one college term. Technically, it was a portfolio for a french class…if you happen to check it out, can you translate for me, please?

Anyway, I digress.

While I’m new to the work of blogging, I spend many hours (too many) cruising the web, stumbling on new and exciting blogs and websites, drilling down links upon layers of links. Even breadcrumbs don’t help me find my way back at times.

Oh, the fun I’ve had! It’s an addiction, I say. *grins*

One thing I’ve noticed, especially the past few years, is how cleverly many sites are designed. For some sites, the creative design and artwork alone are enough to warrant poking around, even if the topic isn’t my cup of tea. And if it happens to be a topic near and dear, it enhances my visit, leaving me feeling uplifted by the beauty as well as the content.

And blogs with photographs, oh my! Some of the pictures are so remarkable. Photography skills that I absolutely envy! I need to eat the food and kiss the babies.

Here are a couple of my current favs – The Pioneer Woman, The Lettered Cottage and She Wears Many Hats. Have a look, they are inviting enough to hang around awhile.

Do you have any favorite sites you’d like to share?  Tell me, I’d love to have a look.