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Remember when we were kids and cloud watching was a fun past time?  I was reminded of that sweet game of perception by a friend of mine during a recent trip.  We were driving along, catching up on old times, and every now and then she punctuated her comments with “there’s a dinosaur” or “there’s a mouse”!  I laughed as I played along.

Since our trip I’ve been thinking a lot about this lost art and wondering if this kind of fun could translate into a useful adult exercise.  As children we could “see” all sorts of things in cloud shapes, some really amazing and some pretty funny.  Could I infuse some fun and rest in my day just watching the clouds pass by?  When I pondered the skills that might be put to use in cloud watching, a couple of things come to mind.  For one, it takes some imagination to name cloud shapes; a skill that translates to creativity and invention, helping the mind formulate new ideas. Also, studying clouds can be a relaxing task similar to meditation, helping to balance and refresh the mind and soul.

I’ve been looking for a fresh way to stir creativity in my life.  I think I may have found just the thing!  How about trying some cloud watching today?